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I am Statements: Limiting Beliefs and How to Break Free

How would you feel if we told you success was just a few statements away? It doesn't have to be complicated. You don't have to try harder, do more, or go faster. All it takes is realigning your mindset, implementing the right language to define success on your terms. Being successful pairs well with being resilient. This article will teach you how to limit unhealthy beliefs that are holding you back and create resiliency, so that success can come easier than ever before!

I am statements are not inherently a bad thing. I am going to crush work today, I am going to be a great husband or father today... Not all bad right? The I am statements we are talking about in this blog, are the I am statements that bind you to your own superstitions, constraints, and crutches. Let's break them down. What are superstitions, constraints, and crutches? These are the foundational limitations that prevent us from becoming resilient business owners.

A few examples...

  • I am anxious when speaking in front of people

  • I need coffee to function

  • I am not good at writing

  • I can't close deals over the phone, I'm an "in-person" salesman

  • I need to drink before bed to sleep well

  • I have to get up at 4am to have a good day

The superstitions, constraints, and crutches can be cured by shifting mindsets towards being more resilient. You can see some examples below of how to intentionally pivot your thinking.

I am anxious speaking in front of people

  • I need to improve on my public speaking skills, I tend to lack confidence in those situations.

I need coffee to function

  • I really enjoy having coffee in the morning. Without it, no big deal.

I am not good at writing

  • My writing skills need work, I am actively working on improving.

I can't close deals over the phone, I'm an "in-person" salesman

  • I am working on being able to effectively express my in person sales skills to over the phone conversations.

I am a wreck if I stay up too late

  • I try to get to bed at a good time, I tend to be more effective with a better night of sleep.

I have to get up at 4am to have a good day

  • I love starting my morning early, it helps me feel productive. However, if I do not get up early, I will still dominate the day.

Why does it matter?

Why it matters is pretty simple. In a lot of ways, life is a race. Every day counts, time is an non-replenishable resource, you can't make more of it, buy more of it, or get it back once it's gone. If you lack resiliency because of your limited thoughts, there is a competitor, another company, another salesman who is not affected by self-limiting thoughts gaining ground. They are praying you wake up, don't get the right coffee that morning and it ruins your whole day. While you are focusing on how your day has been ruined, and trying to talk yourself back into a good routine, they are full speed ahead without reservation.

Keep in mind, this isn't to say you can't have your favorites or good routines, however you can't allow them to handcuff you. Controlling your language will allow you to control your mind!

Author: CCG Coaches

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